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Trends in website development are evolving faster than they can be implemented in the real-life scenario. What is popular today does not mean that tomorrow it will be in the trend, you must keep yourself updated. That is the reason you should be ahead of the game always.

Well, it can be said that the industry is notable for its volatile and instability. It’s not a secret anymore to the tech geeks that numerous technologies of website development are rising and falling.

Now don’t bother about the old trends, focus on the latest upcoming trends for website development in 2019.

Website development trends

Top 10 Web Development Trends in 2019:

We have gathered the most credible predictions of technology that will really be going to help you in building the most efficient website ever.

1. Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Well, 2015 is the year when the world has heard about PWA and the pioneers of technology have evolved in the next year. The hegemony of the mobile apps has already got swayed. Now it is the time to blame PWA that is ruling the web holistically.

Do you want to know what PWA exactly is?

They are web-based applications which possess the UX and feel just like mobile apps while utilizing the latest web technologies for providing the users with an app like experience in a browser tab.

For instance, Flipkart has experienced an almost 70% increase in the conversion rate with almost 5 times increase in the user engagement.

Even though PWA is new in the website development scene, yet the prospects look pretty promising.

2. Single Page Application (SPA)

Simple yet another website development trend is single page application. SPA allows all the content in a long scrollable page and removing any clutter. It comes with a bunch of advantages. Users will get the most relevant content on a single page.

Well, SPA works perfectly on all devices that reflect higher performance while a decrease in the web development time. The whole concept of SPA is based on JavaScript and the process of development is based on the Angular and React frameworks.

3. Chatbots


2018 is the year where chatbots based on neural networks and artificial intelligence. You must remember that the how Chat bots of Facebook has created their own language while communicating with one another.

Talking about the big cheeses like Google, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, etc. have galvanized the effort on the revolution of chatbots which will rule in 2019.

4. JavaScript

The #1 programming languages for web applications is developing with dozens of technologies related to JavaScript.

The most overwhelming trend of 2018, JavaScript is going to develop more as the frameworks and libraries are more powerful than ever. The war between React and Angular is becoming the hottest debate. According to Google trends, React will be gaining more popularity than Angular in 2019.

5. Motion UI

Simplicity is the trend that everyone is fond of nowadays. Flash cards, crazy GIFs are not in vogue nowadays as users are tired of viewing this.

Sophisticated Motion UI is gaining popularity as the animations are allowing more unique styles which will distinguish your website from the others with that of static UI.

Now give your minimalistic website a hint of life with the motion UI that will create your web presence much more enjoyable for the users. That’s the true artwork you can actually do.

6. Blockchains



Blockchains are considered as the most popular governing website development trends 2019.  It helps in enabling the creation of supply chain auditing, Smart Contracts, automatic protection of vital intellectual properties, failure-free decentralized file storage, etc.

By keeping all things in consideration, the blockchain technology will get more traction and will reveal more opportunities and potential in the coming year.

Keep an eye on it and who knows maybe you will be the first to carve a niche in the technology.

7. Website notifications

We challenge you that push notifications can beat other modes of notifications such as SMS, social media, and emails in terms of providing updated information. These are very prompt and come in a timely manner without any complications.

It is an important step in making your user engaged in your website. Now it’s your turn to become the pioneer of this aspect in next year.

8. Google AMP


Every web developer is screaming about the responsiveness of the website and its importance. It was Google itself who had made this as a mandatory thing. Now as we can see that Google is creating Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) that will ensure your website to give a lightning-fast performance in the smartphones.

The trend of AMP is flourishing because who doesn’t want to open their website less than a second. Now that’s the power of AMP.

9. User Behaviour Tracking

It is not a rocket science, rather this technology provides many facilities such as mouse movement, user behaviour, and the number of clicks, patterns of choice, user interaction, etc. that is the ultimate way of proper customer interaction.

User Behaviour Tracking is the must-have technology for the web developers in 2019. Hurry up and implement the invaluable insights of this technology and get results faster than ever.

10. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality


Two years back the technologies of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has been introduced. However, 2019 will be the year where these technologies have more accessibility to the web developers.

VR will create independent digital words while on the other hand AR specifically adds digital content into reality. In terms of visualization, both AR and VR have the possibilities to create jaw-dropping aspects.

For instance, Alibaba has already implemented this technology of VR tours in order to provide their users digital 3D replicas of all their products that have added a new dimension to the user experience.

Wrapping up

New design trends, consumer expectations, user experiences, development of mobile devices are changing day by day affecting the web development patterns every day. No matter what trends you will be following in 2019, there will be always a scope for improvement.

A lot more to do with these trends…

That is all for today.

Now you have the bunch of list of website development trends 2019. Think carefully and implement accordingly. Who knows you will be the first in creating a niche using this technology.

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