Role of Content in Digital Marketing Strategy 2019 – Uriah

When you are new to the field of Digital Marketing, you might have heard the common phrase

If Content is the King, Marketing is the Queen

Generating revenue is not always possible through the age-old sales pitching. In the present day scenario, consumers are aware enough to not get blown away by a high profile sales banner or a timbre. To get your customer convinced to your product, the modern day technique is to provide adequate information on the product rather than attempting to sale.

A strong, produce content that persuades a customer and encourages them to read and proceed to explore your company is the best-applied strategy. If reports are to be followed, in an average  40% of companies apply blogs for the marketing purposes, and over 46% of people follow blogs more than once a day.

If we are to investigate on what role the content plays in advance marketing, we shall come across a number of points:

Content builds your impression:

The content is the face of your product. In a world, where people are investing more time on digital media scrolling and reading about different prospects, an effective content is a straight arrow that can hit the target at the most sensitive position, hence creating an impact for the company.

Channelizes the engagement of the readers:

A person may scroll through hundreds of pages in a day, but how many of it is successful in engaging the reader. It’s all the play and tricks of a wise content that magnetizes the reader and bound them to move forward, reading the whole article. Not only a single time, but the info-freak customer will keep on visiting in search of more fruitful content.

Creates a funnel to sales:

A person prone to digital marketing can state the difference between content related to sales and information sharing. Sales content have always been impacting the negative way on the relationship with the audience. It’s a better approach to educate the customers on the product than just blindly trying to sell on them. It’s more powerful strategy to generate a sales lead with an editorial content.

Generates SEO friendly website:

A strong, appealing content is what a reader looks for. When there is an incoming customer to a website, he/she looks for some specific terms that are already pre-decided. On finding all those specific terms, a customer is influenced to read more and move forward with the website. This, in turn, increases the traffic count and hence helps to place the website highly ranked. So, content can develop an SEO friendly website for you.

Wins the trust leading to loyal customers:

A compelling content can enable to manufacture client connections and achieve their trust simultaneously staying away from “hard earned” strategies. It hams up your topic ability and adds trust by featuring vital points that influence your forecast. An authentic and engaging content attracts visitors to the site and online networking accounts support the execution on key lists pages. Thus rather than company speaking for the product, the crowd speaks generating a pool of loyal customers.

Thus, in a nutshell, a good, authentic content attracts traffic to the online portals, keeps customers engaged, and also motivates the patrons to like and share your content – leading to organic growth and sustainable success so far.