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I am sure, you all can recollect the chapter of Sets in your mathematics classes. There was a Universal set and you were asked to trace two subsets with common factors lying within. Content Marketing and SEO the two subsets of the universal set called Digital Marketing. Though there are other sets playing a role, we will majorly concentrate only these two for now.

Where do SEO and Content play their role?

Many times, people get confused with these two terms and consider both as same. But in reality, both are quite different and complementary to each other. They are like the two different personalities of the same person.

Can you explain what is a content marketing and SEO when asked for? To explain in a very layman approach,

Content marketing is a marketing technique that is educational but is not necessarily about the products the company sells. It’s a strategy of placing good information in a lucrative way such that the customer becomes loyal to the brand.  

But with these are you confused then what the work of SEO is? It’s like SEO is an architect designing the map of the building, and it’s the builders that decoratively place the bricks to draw out the best output.

Content marketing is not a new plan

Though the studies state that Content marketing is an evolving topic, since 2007, but if history is to be believed, then, Content marketing has been existing since 1962, from the Dutch Golden Age (

But, people have started researching and exploring content marketing just a few years back. With the increasing influence of digital marketing, researchers have been continually tracing out means to implement content marketing supported by SEO.

Content Marketing Strategies

The most decisive factor of content marketing is generating Unique content. A content that is exceptional and stands distinctly amongst several others in a market of full-pledged competition, seeks the higher ranking by default. If you are successful in providing your targets something new but at the same time, very useful, there is a 95% chance, that it gets converted to a loyal customer.

The chunk of the content is another feature of content marketing strategy that helps the SEO to a huge extent. Greater the content more is the chance of inserting keywords into it, thus finally making it liable for an extensive search. The analyzed keywords which are a result of rigorous research by SEO analysts are steps that can help to mount your content up to the list. Getting closer to what people are searching for, would obviously optimize you in the parameters of the search engine.

But, just writing any content to fill up space and accommodate keywords unnecessarily would cause advert effects. Google is equipped enough with its tools to analyze your content. Hence writing significant content is simultaneously important. To follow the trends of peaked rankings, content with average 2400 words is the most searched for content. Moreover, an excessively long content loses the concentration of reader. A crisp info within a short read time is the most preferred.

Content marketing can be implemented to reduce bounce rate. A website that is incapable of holding back its visitors for a longer time and they return back to the search page can never rank high on the page. A strategy to rightfully involve its readers with proper information and urging them to visit the other tabs is also a content marketing tactic. Reducing the bouncing rate can help the website hold its rankings, hence assisting the SEO.

To conclude, content marketing not only helps with SEO but helps in channelling sales attracting new customers and obviously, an attractive content can impact your customers in a very positive way. The lead funnel can work evenly with a smoothened content